What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

I had a grease fire last weekend, SERVPRO showed up quickly and helped put my kitchen back together, looking better than it did before the accident.  

An electrical fire ruined two rooms in our home. SERVPRO removed the items to another area for cleaning and even inspected the ducts in the house to make sure the smoke odor did not wind up traveling. Karl's attention to detail is outstanding.

Our Christmas tree became dry and caught on fire while we were sleeping. Massive damage was done to our home. Trent and his crew went through our items one by one to find things that they could clean and restore. We were amazed at the possessions we were able to get back.

I learned the hard way why chicken needs to be completely thawed before cooking. A grease fire left a coating of smelly oil all over the counters, walls, and ceiling. Karl and his crew removed my ruined stovetop for me and deep cleaned the rest of the kitchen. I am very happy with the outcome.

We tried to deep fry a turkey just outside the home and it caught on fire. Our patio got the worst of it and SERVPRO cleaned up the exterior of our home and made temporary repairs to stop rain from getting in until repairs could be made.

We had a house fire that left a coating of black, icky soot on everything. SERVPRO was able to save a table that had been my grandmother's by cleaning away the smoke damage and honestly, it looks better than before the fire.