Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Reconstructed Water Damaged Bathroom in Fort Pierce

The copper plumbing failed in the attic over the bathroom in this Fort Pierce home. The water and mold-stained appearance in the Before Photo extends down into ... READ MORE

Fort Pierce Saved from Water Damage

The leak in the roof after a sudden rainstorm soaked a portion of the ceiling and walls in this Fort Pierce house. Fortunately, the homeowner immediately called... READ MORE

Fort Pierce Kitchen Water Damage

As shown in the Before Photo, the line to the dishwasher leaked in this Fort Pierce kitchen. Our SERVPRO team soon arrived after the call and turned off the wat... READ MORE

Kitchen Plumbing Failure in White City

The Before Photo shows several centrifugal air movers working with an LGR low-grain refrigerant dehumidifier to mitigate the water damage in this White City kit... READ MORE

Restoring the Floors of a Water-Damaged Fort Pierce Property

As you can tell from both the Before and After Photo for this water damage incident, multiple rooms of this Fort Pierce property were impacted by a rapidly deve... READ MORE

Fort Pierce Water Damaged Bathroom

The dripping water from a faulty connection in a pressurized line meant the accumulated water in the wall void caused water damage. The Before Photo depicts th... READ MORE